Before I introduce myself, I would like to ask a question. Have you ever think about how to make your brand more interesting? Anyone who studies marketing and sales knows that telling a story about your business, or your products, makes them much more attractive. This is because people like to connect and for that they need to know you. But you probably already know that. You must also have heard about that famous phrase: “a picture is worth a thousand words.” And this is where I tell you a secret: you can tell the story of your brand every day, and who will do this is each one of the people who will use your products. How? The choice of elements, colors and composition of your pattern designs can reflect everything that your company represents. They can be the biggest ambassadors for your branding. For this you will need images that tell the story of your brand and that are yours and nobody else's. I can help you with this by developing super exclusive arts!

Gradiente rosa

Alinne Facundo

I am Art Director and Pattern Designer graduated in Social Communication - Advertising and Marketing by UNIFOR, with specialization in Fashion Business Management by SENAC-SP and MBA in Digital Marketing by UNIFOR. I live in Fortaleza, this charming city on the coast of Brazil, which is in the state of Ceará. I worked in advertising agencies and in the fashion industry since 2001. I was Art Director for eleven years in the creative office of STALKER, a men's fashion franchisor in Fortaleza. It was there that I got my greatest experience with fashion business. Today I continue to provide services to the company by developing exclusive prints. In 2018 I founded my creative studio and I'm happy creating pattern designs mainly for the fashion, decoration and stationery industries.

In addition to exclusive works on demand, I also have an authorial collection, working with printed, barred and localized prints. My favorite themes are those related to nature, like flowers, foliage, fruits and animals, but I also like to venture into other themes. I usually use manual creation processes with watercolor paintings, gouache, markers, ink and also digital creations. You can check my work on the portfolio page.

Let's talk about how can I contribute to your business?